Dragon’s Realm Slot Bonus – WMS

March 25, 2011 – 50 lines x 1 = 50 bet with 30 free spins at Caesar’s Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City, NJ.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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    12 Responses to “Dragon’s Realm Slot Bonus – WMS”

    1. karlacakes1 Says:

      QUE HUEVOS……………………….

    2. karlacakes1 Says:

      QUE HUEVOS……………………….

    3. higgiesf Says:

      I was sitting there watching all the so-so line hits and non-paying spins at the beginning of the bonus thinking “Jeez, these WMS video slots really don’t pay off too well” (this has always been my personal experience with them, too), but when I got to the 1-minute mark, my jaw dropped. What a FANTASTIC hit. Very exciting to watch!

    4. voyage2k Says:

      WOW! :D

    5. CityFabulous Says:

      @nyphinix13 so whose hand was that??? LOL

    6. 83survivor Says:

      nyphinx13, I think this machine is telling to play to this one. The new ones didn’t seem as promising as this one, though. You hit right at the perfect moment, friend.

    7. shaunmc2910 Says:

      sweeeeet hit

    8. nyphinix13 Says:


    9. CityFabulous Says:

      LOL fast forward………..haha

    10. videopappy37 Says:

      Great Hit NY. Really good video and what a spin. Those big bonuses are always a little sweeter when they come with just a few more spins left.

    11. TourDCouve Says:


    12. kareemtiheed Says:

      now that’s what i like to see…..

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